Do It At Home : Simple Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

Want to lose weight? If so, then there is a need for you to know that you don’t actually need to spend hours in the gym just to attain a fit body for you can just simply do yoga in the convenience of your own home. Here are some simple yoga exercises for weight loss that you can try.


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This yoga pose is very simple to do and anyone of different flexibilities can definitely do it. You just need to sit in a lion pose. Then, stick your tongue out. It’s as simple as that. Nevertheless, it does a great job in stretching not only your spine but your tongue as well. If done on a regular basis, your double chin would surely be gone in no time.


When we talk about simple yoga exercises for weight loss, the Crescent position should definitely never be left out. After all, it does firm you thigh, abs and even your hips. First, stand with your feet together. Then, step your right leg into a lunge while raising your arms over your head with your fingertips towards the direction of the ceiling and inhaling at the same time. Exhale as you go back to the standing position.

Rocking boat

Put your hands on your thighs and then sit with your knees bent. Make sure that your feet are on the floor. Then, just like a rocking boat, lean back about 45° while raising your feet to the point that the calves of your feet are parallel to the floor. As you inhale, extend both your legs and your arms while still ensuring that your legs are together. Exhale and as you inhale again, from a wider V shape by lowering your torso. Exhale and then raise your torso and legs. Repeat the process.

Mountain Pose

Now if you are looking for simple yoga exercises for weight loss that will also strengthen your thighs and core, then the mountain pose is the best yoga pose for you. With your legs and feet together, put your arms on the side and your palms facing forward. Spread your toes and then press all of the 4 corners of the foot into the mat. Lower your belly. Close your eyes and then bring your hands together at the center of your heart. Inhale and then exhale 3 times in that position.

Simple Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

Downward facing dog

Put both your feet and your hands on the floor. Curl your toes and then push down with your hands and toes. Pull your belly in and lift your hips while straightening your legs. Lift your heels and then press down on your palms. Keep that position as you inhale and exhale 5 times.

If you have tried out various exercises before only to realize that nothing works, then you definitely should try these simple yoga exercises for weight loss. Not only can it help you lose weight but it can also help tone your body.

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