Wondering How to Do Yoga for Weight Loss – Believe it or not?

Wondering how to do yoga for weight loss? Wonder no more for we would be teaching you how you can make use of yoga in order to shed off some pounds, especially in your belly area. Believe it or not, it can even strengthen your stamina.

Bridge Pose

This pose is also called the Chakrasan pose. It can be very effective in flattening your tummy and strengthening the muscles in your abdominal area. Lie down on your back and your feet flat on the floor. Bend your knees. Put your hands on the side of your body with your palms facing down. Your fingertips should be able to touch your heels. Lift your body upward. Hold the position for 30 seconds to a minute. Then, slowly bring your back on the floor. Repeat it a couple of times.

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Upward plank

How to do yoga for weight loss? It’s simple. Just do the upward plank pose. Just like the bridge pose, you would also be starting this pose while lying on the floor. Place your hands on your hips. Your fingertips should be behind your buttocks. Your legs should be extended to the mat. Exhale and then lift your bottom from the floor. Press your hips upward. Slowly straighten your legs while keeping your neck elongated. Make sure that your body is relaxed as you hold the position for about 30 seconds.

Half spinal twist

As you are searching for the answer on how to do yoga for weight loss, you would surely come across the half spinal twist yoga pose. Sit down on your yoga mat with your legs stretched in front of you. Make sure to keep your feet together and your spine should be erect as well. Bend your left leg and then place its heel just beside your right hip. Put your right leg on your left knee. On the other hand, your left hand should be on your right knee while your right hand should be behind you. Twist your waist. Breathe in and out as you hold the position for several seconds.

Wide arm cobra

Lie on the mat with your face down. Place your palms on the side of the yoga mat. Make sure that it is in line with your breastbone. Your elbows should be bent at this time. Now, with only the tips of your fingers touching the floor, point your elbows towards the sky. Press your fingertips, toes and of course, your pelvis on the floor. As you inhale, reach through the crown of your head. Keep your spine long as you slightly straighten your arms. Then, lift your chest off the mat. Inhale and exhale 10 minutes then bring your chest back to the floor.

So, now that you have been given an idea on how to do yoga exercises for weight loss, now is the right time for you to bring out your yoga mat and download some calming music as you indulge yourself in this form of exercise.

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