4 Reasons : Lose weight through yoga?

Or you can lose weight through yoga? Hell yes! It is true in a different way than by cardio or strength training, but yoga can also cause you to lose kilos. In this article, I share 4 reasons why you can lose weight with yoga.

Lose weight through yoga

Yoga is hipper than hip. Many people who want to take a moment of rest, use yoga to get out of their heads and listen to their bodies. Through different postures and breathing exercises, more oxygen will enter the body, the body will become smoother and you will relax.

With an hour of yoga, you do not burn more calories than with an hour in the gym. Yoga can stimulate weight loss:

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1. Breathing

One of the most important elements in yoga is breathing. Breathing, breathing and breathing. Exercises related to breathing are also called pranayama: conscious inhaling and exhaling. During these breathing exercises, large quantities of oxygen flow into your body.

Because of this oxygen, you get more energy to last longer. Breathing too fast or too high (not through the abdomen, but more from the chest) causes your metabolism to be disrupted. This will eventually burn your body less fat. Breathing exercises ensure that your metabolism stays in balance.

2. Stress

Stress is and remains the eternal culprit and can be one of the reasons that you do not lose. By stress, you eat too much or too little, and you do not have pure attention for your body anymore.

Can you counteract this stress and lose weight through yoga? Yes, through different yoga exercises you learn to relax better and to deal with your emotions better. This relaxation is especially important for emotion-eaters. And yoga is a nice and sporty way for that!

3. Asanas

Asanas are exercises within yoga that consist of certain body postures or a series of body postures. These postures are often sustained for a while, allowing the muscles to stretch. This requires agility and endurance of the body!

By doing several exercises in succession (like with the sun salutation) physical effort is needed. The body has to work to shape the postures completely and in succession. The heart rate increases and fat burning and circulation are stimulated.

4. Thyroid gland

Indirectly you can lose weight through yoga because different yoga exercises stimulate organs in the body. One of those organs is the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is inextricably linked to the metabolism and the blood circulation in the body, which in turn have an effect on losing weight.

For example, certain postures stimulate the thyroid gland and release thyroid hormone thyroxine. This helps with a slow thyroid gland. But yoga can also help with a too fast thyroid gland and thereby bring more balance.

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